How to get yourself some oils

How to get some oils?

99% of my customers get their oils at Wholesale prices, this is the cheapest way to access these oils and is available to anyone. You can access 25% discount off the oils for 12 months with one payment of $35 (there is a $25 renewal fee after 12 months and you will receive a Peppermint Oils worth $26 in return). Think of it like a Costco membership and in return you access the oils at the cheapest price possible.

There are no catches, no forced ordering, no obligation to buy and sell and no minimum spend. There truly is nothing to loose and everything to gain. You get access to your own online shop where you can place orders as and when you like and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Ready to get some oils? And you know what you would like!

- Select 'Join & Save'
- Select 'Local'
- Select 'Wellness Advocate"
- Enter your details
- Choose your kit ( recommended for the majority of homes is the Home Essentials Kit plus a fractionated coconut oil)
- You have then completed your order and your kit will arrive within 4 - 10 business days depending where you are located

Please send me through a quick email to introduce yourself to so I can get to know more about you and your families needs and I can hook you up with all the relevant resources to get your oily journey off the ground and have you getting maximum benefit from your purchase.

Not sure?

You still have the option of paying $35 to get your membership and tailoring your own order to suit your individual needs and use the wholesale price list

Or you can start with a Ready Made Enrolment Kit these are already discounted and include the $35 joining fee.

It is very common to be a little unsure where to get started and by far the two most popular kits are the Home Essentials Kit and the Oil Sharing Kit both of these kits offer great value for money. Here is a great blog post on 100 uses on the home essential kit from my upline Jessie Reimers.

Still unsure? Why not book in for a FREE consult so I can assist in working out the best oils for you and your families needs

What are the benefits of having a wholesale account?

1. You have access to the best possible price with 25% off retail
2. You can order what you want, when you want, direct to your door
3. You gain access to my portal Oily Inspiration to help guide you with your oils
4. You will have access to the Wellness Advocates special offers
5. You will have access to a program that gives free products every month
6. You will have the opportunity to access free oils, supplement your income,
replace your income or multiply your income if you choose
7. You will have access to a Facebook support group
8. Access to workshops to learn more

Crushing myths around a Wholesale account

1. You are NOT locked into anything!
2. You never have to sell anything
3. You do NOT have to do a monthly order!
4. You are NEVER committed to ongoing monthly orders!

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