New Website Launch and a Reintroduction

Welcome to my newly launched website. It's exciting times ahead. 

Firstly for those who don’t know me or need a reintroduction my name is Jo Dissanayake and I founded Jo Dissanayake - A Gut Instinct. I have morphed from an Organic Coop which I started to enable our family to access organic items and produce at the best price possible to growing a large doTERRA  diamond team and creating a Kinesiology clinic! 

You can read more about my families journey to health on my About page but in a nutshell we have been detoxing our lives since 2012! That has been from all aspects of our lives. The products we use in the bathroom, to clean, to eat and I have spent the last 4 almost 5 yrs teaching others how they can detox their lives with ease. 

Essential Oils Entered My Life

doTERRA Essential Oils came into my life 4 yrs ago and life has not been the same since. I have a large team underneath me who are all getting amazing results physically, emotionally and spiritually in their lives. I was able to sell a business that no longer served me in 2017 and life really hasn’t been better. I am now homeschooling my almost 14yr old and I have almost finished my diploma in Kinesiology and I will be opening a clinic later this year. 

Navigating The Website

My vision for the website is to educate others on natural health through the blog section, there will be space for me to advertise my upcoming events, the ability for you to find out more information on the oils and to book in for Aromatouch and Kinesiology sessions. 

If you are already in my team you will have access to the Login part of the site which will have content created especially for my team members to experience. 

If you have any questions or you would just like to chat about how the oils can make a difference in your life please reach out to me via email

Start Using Essential Oils

Not got oils in your life yet?! ….. but ready to look at introducing them?

Look no further just give me a shout and we can get your order placed and the oils into your hands asap

Ready to purchase and place the order yourself? Follow this Buy Wholesale and follow the prompts 

Wishing you all a fantastic day 

With love 
Jo xox

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